Sunday, May 30, 2010

RUGBY CLOSET: Gayfree Cardiff Blues Are European Champions!

The Cardiff Blues won the 2010 Amlin Cup, beating Toulon of France, 28-21, in the latter's homegrounds. I don't know if this is relevant, but the Cardiff Blues is the old team of the outed gay Rugby player, Gareth Thomas, who was released a few months before his contract expires this month, the very month the Blues became champions. Dai Young, the Blues' manager, extolled profusely the great ability & popularity of Thomas but he let go of the latter before the Championship & they won shortly afterwards. The first time a Welsh Rugby team won a European championship. Does Dai Young know something that he's not saying?

Many may want to know if the prescence of outed homosexual players has any deleterious effects on a team- the other players hurrying to change into uniform before a game, then hurrying their showers to leave as quickly as possible afterwards, the suddenly uneasy bonding, the suddenly unnatural camaraderie, the suddenly disrupted team esprit de corps- what is the effect on the morale of a team? Is sexual politics outside the playing field unnecessarily damaging something which we really want irregardless of sexual orientation- a good game?

Is coming-out even relevant? Why should the world know a player is gay? He's there to play, not as gay, not as hetero. What's his sexuality got to do with his game?

If you come out, is it right to insist respect for your sexual orientation when you don't respect their sexual orientation by imposing your naked self in the unwelcoming shower room of a team? If you have a right, what about their rights? Equality? It's easy to see it doesn't wash equating this with racial equality because nobody is feeling used when there is racial equality. You don't respect the fact that your hetero teammates do feel used because of your sexual orientation? How about you having your own shower room? Would you trade however not seeing David Williams' cock after every game to cheers in a Gay Pride parade? Of course, you wouldn't, gays are no saints & you're already in heaven. So what's all the fuss about coming out? What's the private life of a professional player got to do with a game?
Does being gay exempt one from being fair?

Perhaps these questions should be asked by non-heterosexual sectors because there's a big possibility that mindless headlong battle for supposed rights may inject sexual politics where they don't belong & destroy something everybody with a right mind wants- a Championship game.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Top Dicks of May, 2010

The most downloaded from May 1- 28, 2010

1. Charles Dera- Mixed martial Arts

2. James Haskell, Dieux du Stade 2011

3. GSAVV FC Netherlands

4. Sylvain Latelier- Dieux du Stade

5. Charles Dera- Mixed Martial arts

6. Ben Foden- Northhampton Saints

7. Fernando Fernandez- Rowing

8. Charles Dera- Mixed Martial Arts

9. Thom & Max Evans- Dieux du Stade 2010

10. Charles Dera- Mixed Martial Arts

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Andrew Welsh of Essendon Bombers, AFL

Aussies are my third biggest readers (12%), behind the Americans (37%) and the British (25%), but in proportion to the national population of each, they are the most represented- in fact, I can say, among the most avid straight athlete lovers. They also send a lot of emails & some became my friends. I can still remember, my first 1000 readers were Aussies, the 1001st was French. Probably it's time to return the spotlight Down Under. Andrew Welsh is very popular among AFL fans in Australia, he was featured in the last Gods of Football nudity-for -charity campaign but he was neglected in the promo which were focused mainly on David Williams & Nick Youngquest. Vindication time: I have a confession to make. He & Michael Witt were actually the ones who left the most lasting impression on me. Their next-door appeal packaged in tough Rugby personas just drew me in. Up to now.

The video from Gods of Football:

GODS OF RUGBY: Francois Rousseau's DIEUX DU STADE 2004

I found this clip in the Web, just to give us a taste of what the rumored Dieux du Stade 2011 photographer Francois Rousseau has done in 2004. Bodes well for the new version. Hmm, the suspense heightens...

DIEUX DU STADE 2001: Celebration Redux

Dieux du Stade 2011 is just around the corner. You could say I'm back in my element. This blog was born to help revive the genre which was floundering post-DDS 2007. My own little way to ensure I continue enjoying my favorite fetish- naked Rugby players. DDS 2010 barely arrested 3 years of subsequent mounting indifference. I presume they've realized by now that solemn products are not the way to go so I'm hoping things will be much more interesting this year than last year. Francois Rousseau's recall is a welcome sign. His DDS 2004 is next to DDS 2007 as the most daring. I just hope he'll push the envelope for 2011. As he should.

So let's start banging the drums. Let's celebrate the guys who gave us much pleasure, starting from the first batch in 2001.

The pics bear the name of the players.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Ben Foden of Northhampton Saints, UK, Guinness Premiership

The new hope of English Rugby- English Rugby's Mr. Versatile. It so happened he's also very delectable. To top it all, consider this: Olly Barkely appeared partly frontal nude in a magazine, Attitude, last year but thankfully we saw the whole package in the Dieux du Stade 2010 DVD. Foden's partial frontal nudity for this year's Cosmo showed much more than what Barkely did in a magazine last year (more pubes, for instance). Does this mean we'll see more of him in a DVD this year than Barkely last year? Calling Dieux du Stade...!

A video of him in the pitch (savor the sexy voice, sexy everything):