Tuesday, April 13, 2010


After a week in France, I'm still in my favorite hunting ground in Italy, Firenze in Toscana (Florence in Tuscany for you). Extended vacation. It's a bit callous but I kinda feel economic crisis has been invented so that lovers of cute straight men can have their fill. Anti-solicitation laws are inutile when sexy young straight men have extra needs. Western Europe is a paradise during times of crisis. No need to go to Prague to economize (where, as William Higgins say, straight men can be had for $60). My batting average in la France: 5 out of 5 approached, and they aren't pros. Start the auction high- 1000 euros, compounded as you haggle, plus a girl- she's not only a come-on bonus, but to check if he's a genuine hetero. I only can have sex with males that I don't know personally in a threesome. He should pass my girl test.
Local predators may hate you for spoiling the boys but that's the point. You don't want Renaud to start doing it as a permanent sideline to just about any cheap troll whenever he runs out of money, do you? You want him still fresh when you return to Paris.

Ed ora, mama mia, eccoli.... i ragazzi fiorentini!


  1. love this post... I tried unsuccessfully in Naples/Ischia to work this method. Maybe this was due to the still very Catholic state of affairs there? Anyway, if you ever decide to offer a workshop on how to succeed in these endeavors, I will sign up immediately! I've had a good deal of success here in NYC, but there is nothing like the fresh,yet salty and sexy young European straight guy... PS - Love your blog, please keep up the good work!

  2. thanks. workshop? lol, not in my immediate plans but it's a subj i may tackle in my future posts.as for religion, florence is as catholic as naples,as is the rest of italy but do you know the best sex with str8 boys could be had in catholic countries, be it in brazil, argentina, france or italy? the common mediterranean gene is sexy & so are the evolved cultures which are only masked superficially by religion but everything is seething underneath. the predominant gay culture in america promotes this hysteria vs catholic religion because of the gay marriage wars but i view being catholic more as a positive flag:catholic boys are raised relatively sexually repressed so they tend to explode more as they mature sexually (human nature).italy has age of consent of 15 so you get the drift. just a matter of pushing the right buttons. even irish-americans tend to join the fun, i assure you because i do them when stuck at home. there are so many circulating fallacies because of the malignant effects of 'one issue' politics endemic in america (abortion to the right, gay marriage to gays,etc).just use your head & not be herded by talking heads who may have a different pleasure level than you. as for naples, prob you just picked the wrong guy, chose the wrong method.like everything in life, takes practice so don't stop.i'll tackle this in later posts