Sunday, April 18, 2010

REIS: No Cafe aux Lads?

Reis, Dutch word meaning travel, vacation

When it rains, it pours- even when it's not actually rain but volcanic ash that's pouring. I'm counting my blessings- first, the economic depression, now the Icelandic volcanic eruption. The first opened up a lot of zippers of straight dudes, the second gave me time to enjoy more what were behind the zippers. I can't fly out of Schiphol so I worked things out with my colleagues & I bought more time in Europe. Perfect alibis, perfect crimes.
Two weeks of main courses of Latin pigmented scrotums, now time for Dutch desserts of sparkingly white ones. I usually have cafe aux lads in England to cap off my bi-tri annual two-week Euro gallivantings but I guess I got waylaid by Latin cocks for tad too long, the straight lads have to wait for the next trip. The Eurostar is fully booked, I heard.
The Dutch Randstad is one of my earliest playgrounds and I developed many friendships through the years. Geert in Utrecht is a tall, sexy straight blonde boy like Gordon in LA but somehow the gurgling sounds he produces add another octave of testosterone. Same with the pouty nasals of Renaud in Paris or the melodic volubility of Marco in Florence. Especially when I'm whispering with them in their native languages. In their own mindsets. Why go to Europe to hit it off with similar-looking guys when you could hook up with the cheaper versions back home? I don't have the time to discuss that, suffice to say for now- why not?

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