Monday, April 26, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Ivan Pillud of RCD Espanyol, Spain La Liga

Incredible but though I posted only about my vacation this month, April turned out the highest return rate ever, far more readers returned religiously than usual (10 times the average), most likely for the vignettes about hunting straight guys. Well, I obviously touched a great point of interest there but I can't forever be hunting in Europe, can I? I'll be hunting straight dudes for the meantime in LA, anybody interested to read them? However, I'm actually starting to make vague, tentative plans for the next foreign manhunt 2-3 months from now. It was already my 15th hunting trip to Europe (though my catch in each of the first 14 wasn't as big as in this time of economic crisis). In contrast, I've done South America only 4 times. It doesn't mean I find los pibes less worthy. Ivan Pillud is typical of the straight guys down south- sexy, macho, big in everything, delicious. Italy on a third of the budget. I was actually an early convert to Buenos Aires but I started avoiding it as it became more & more overran with mass gay tourism & the resulting cheap crowds. Still, the trade ambiance isn't as thick as in Sao Paolo or Rio, which I totally avoid (Porto Alegre is my preferred Brazilian playground, the German-Latin mix is outstanding besides). My Argentine friend Juan assures me he has contacts with college boys in BsAs, Cordoba & Rosario. He knows I don't do escorts or the other pros. I want them fresh. So will I go down South? Let Ivan do the initial convincing.

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