Thursday, April 22, 2010

FIGO: Rites of Passage

Figo, Italian, Slang, meaning cool

Renaud. Lucas. Jeremy. Julien. Jean-Pierre. Marco. Daniele. Vito. Maurizio. Luca 1. Luca 2. Andrea. Geert. Jan. Aidan. John.

The usual 2 weeks stretched to 3, then finally home. Another 2-3 months of the usual, where to next, I still haven't decided. Perhaps Argentina-Uruguay-Brazil (Porto Alegre). Or some Latin Eurasians (you should discover the Hispano-Asian version, hard to get because they're mostly scions of rich families but just as delicious as the Latin American counterparts). Some Afrikaner safari among the sturdy but packing boer descendants? or back to Europe? That makes life exciting- what's next...

To those who're asking where the guys I mentioned could be found:
1) the Latin Eurasians- The Spaniards colonized the Philippines for 300 years & their descendants could be found in its middle & upper classes, & they are as delicious as their South American versions. Most are rich though so you must have a friend in their ranks in order to get access. I have a close friend who is a local mestizo, (as they call them) & he's my ticket to the sexy Latins of Manila. Now, that's the biggest secret- not all Asians look a certain way. This blog was born during my hunt there last year because we were trapped by the rains in our hotel rooms & I had nothing better to do.
2. Afrikaner safari
These are as white as the Dutch because they are their descendants- the Boer settlers which now form the Afrikaner societies in South Africa & Namibia. I find the very white Northern Europeans more appealing when they are transferred to hotter climes- the tan lines when they take off their undies just melt me

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