Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top Dicks of April 2010 (Last Week)

Most downloaded from April 21, 2010.

1. Ivan Pillud

2. Andy Nash

3. Ivan Pillud

4. Ivan Pillud

5. Thom & Max Evans

6. GSAVV FC Netherlands

7. Fernando Fernandez- this was just posted yesterday

8. Sylvain Latellier

9. Ivan Pillud

10. Fernando Fernandez- only posted yesterday

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GODS OF ROWING: Fernando Fernandez of Brazil

His modelling career can be best described as a rollercoaster ride. His powerful sex appeal was first noted when he appeared in the Brazilian Big Brother. It didn't take long before his naked body became beefcake stuff, both in periodicals & in the Internet. It was all cut short when he got involved in an accident last year which left his lower extremities practically paralyzed. Lately, news came out that he's now into rowing and is actually aiming to participate in next year's European Championships. He's also started appearing in some photoshoots, a sign that his modelling career is being revived despite the odds.
Fernando is a great reminder just how delicious straight guys are in South America.

Monday, April 26, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Ivan Pillud of RCD Espanyol, Spain La Liga

Incredible but though I posted only about my vacation this month, April turned out the highest return rate ever, far more readers returned religiously than usual (10 times the average), most likely for the vignettes about hunting straight guys. Well, I obviously touched a great point of interest there but I can't forever be hunting in Europe, can I? I'll be hunting straight dudes for the meantime in LA, anybody interested to read them? However, I'm actually starting to make vague, tentative plans for the next foreign manhunt 2-3 months from now. It was already my 15th hunting trip to Europe (though my catch in each of the first 14 wasn't as big as in this time of economic crisis). In contrast, I've done South America only 4 times. It doesn't mean I find los pibes less worthy. Ivan Pillud is typical of the straight guys down south- sexy, macho, big in everything, delicious. Italy on a third of the budget. I was actually an early convert to Buenos Aires but I started avoiding it as it became more & more overran with mass gay tourism & the resulting cheap crowds. Still, the trade ambiance isn't as thick as in Sao Paolo or Rio, which I totally avoid (Porto Alegre is my preferred Brazilian playground, the German-Latin mix is outstanding besides). My Argentine friend Juan assures me he has contacts with college boys in BsAs, Cordoba & Rosario. He knows I don't do escorts or the other pros. I want them fresh. So will I go down South? Let Ivan do the initial convincing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top Dicks While I was Hunting Straight Boys in Europe

Most downloaded in the past 3 weeks.

1. Andrew Nash

2. Frank Lampard

3. David Williams

4. Jeremy Clement

5. Sean Lamont

6. Max & Thom Evans

7. GSAVV FC Netherlands

8. Riley Skinner

9. Lycas Pugliessa

10. Sheffield Hallam U Rugby

FIGO: Rites of Passage

Figo, Italian, Slang, meaning cool

Renaud. Lucas. Jeremy. Julien. Jean-Pierre. Marco. Daniele. Vito. Maurizio. Luca 1. Luca 2. Andrea. Geert. Jan. Aidan. John.

The usual 2 weeks stretched to 3, then finally home. Another 2-3 months of the usual, where to next, I still haven't decided. Perhaps Argentina-Uruguay-Brazil (Porto Alegre). Or some Latin Eurasians (you should discover the Hispano-Asian version, hard to get because they're mostly scions of rich families but just as delicious as the Latin American counterparts). Some Afrikaner safari among the sturdy but packing boer descendants? or back to Europe? That makes life exciting- what's next...

To those who're asking where the guys I mentioned could be found:
1) the Latin Eurasians- The Spaniards colonized the Philippines for 300 years & their descendants could be found in its middle & upper classes, & they are as delicious as their South American versions. Most are rich though so you must have a friend in their ranks in order to get access. I have a close friend who is a local mestizo, (as they call them) & he's my ticket to the sexy Latins of Manila. Now, that's the biggest secret- not all Asians look a certain way. This blog was born during my hunt there last year because we were trapped by the rains in our hotel rooms & I had nothing better to do.
2. Afrikaner safari
These are as white as the Dutch because they are their descendants- the Boer settlers which now form the Afrikaner societies in South Africa & Namibia. I find the very white Northern Europeans more appealing when they are transferred to hotter climes- the tan lines when they take off their undies just melt me

Sunday, April 18, 2010

REIS: No Cafe aux Lads?

Reis, Dutch word meaning travel, vacation

When it rains, it pours- even when it's not actually rain but volcanic ash that's pouring. I'm counting my blessings- first, the economic depression, now the Icelandic volcanic eruption. The first opened up a lot of zippers of straight dudes, the second gave me time to enjoy more what were behind the zippers. I can't fly out of Schiphol so I worked things out with my colleagues & I bought more time in Europe. Perfect alibis, perfect crimes.
Two weeks of main courses of Latin pigmented scrotums, now time for Dutch desserts of sparkingly white ones. I usually have cafe aux lads in England to cap off my bi-tri annual two-week Euro gallivantings but I guess I got waylaid by Latin cocks for tad too long, the straight lads have to wait for the next trip. The Eurostar is fully booked, I heard.
The Dutch Randstad is one of my earliest playgrounds and I developed many friendships through the years. Geert in Utrecht is a tall, sexy straight blonde boy like Gordon in LA but somehow the gurgling sounds he produces add another octave of testosterone. Same with the pouty nasals of Renaud in Paris or the melodic volubility of Marco in Florence. Especially when I'm whispering with them in their native languages. In their own mindsets. Why go to Europe to hit it off with similar-looking guys when you could hook up with the cheaper versions back home? I don't have the time to discuss that, suffice to say for now- why not?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


After a week in France, I'm still in my favorite hunting ground in Italy, Firenze in Toscana (Florence in Tuscany for you). Extended vacation. It's a bit callous but I kinda feel economic crisis has been invented so that lovers of cute straight men can have their fill. Anti-solicitation laws are inutile when sexy young straight men have extra needs. Western Europe is a paradise during times of crisis. No need to go to Prague to economize (where, as William Higgins say, straight men can be had for $60). My batting average in la France: 5 out of 5 approached, and they aren't pros. Start the auction high- 1000 euros, compounded as you haggle, plus a girl- she's not only a come-on bonus, but to check if he's a genuine hetero. I only can have sex with males that I don't know personally in a threesome. He should pass my girl test.
Local predators may hate you for spoiling the boys but that's the point. You don't want Renaud to start doing it as a permanent sideline to just about any cheap troll whenever he runs out of money, do you? You want him still fresh when you return to Paris.

Ed ora, mama mia, eccoli.... i ragazzi fiorentini!