Monday, March 1, 2010

VANCOUVER WINTER OLYMPICS: Kris Freeman, & Why It Does Matter Who Really Topped The Medal Tally

I swear I'll never watch CNN again. It's embarassing. Me & my German guest were watching BBC where the anchor mentioned that Canada just topped the Winter Olympics medal tally with 14 Golds, followed by Germany with 10, the US, third, with 9. The US had 37 medals but everybody knows the ranking is traditionally based on the number of Golds, even in the Summer Olympics. Later we cable channel surfed & I saw the CNN host was reading the Sports news so I stayed put. Not long, he was suddenly gushing :"...the US was making history, topping the medal tally in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, producing the biggest haul ever by a country in the Winter Olympics..." He didn't show the medal tally that would have shown the US was actually leading in the number of Bronzes. My German friend burst out laughing. He quipped: "For the last 2 Summer Olympics, China has been leading the medal tally. Seems the US is so hungry to be a Sports leader again it would usurp Canada's moment of glory by changing the definitions to its advantage. Who's he kidding? What do you think are the other American channels are saying?" I returned the channel immediately to the BBC. I was afraid NBC or ABC would kill me with shame. At least, the only time the Brits aren't credible is when the topics are the Russians (which bafflingly, they irrationally hate) or the Israelis (the Western media is regularly targeted by Zionist propaganda). I'm not necessarily pro-Russian or pro-Palestinian but I don't like being served slanted news. Hitler did that, keep on repeating a Lie & it will become Truth. At least BBC never used the usually harmless Sport news for delusional propaganda.

It goes without saying all the online newspapers in the 7 languages that I read used the same medal tally ignored by CNN & declared Canada led the medal tally. I could just imagine that pointing out this one would readily expose one to accusations of Anti-Americanism. Even for an American who just had the decency to be fair.

It was all very pointless. Do these morons think all their viewers are morons like them? There are great American athletes who participated in the Winter Olympics & they don't need to be cheapened by dishonest platitudes. What for? Who would want to float on false clouds?

Kris Freeman didn't win any medals but who cares- he's sexy enough to be on the top of the Sexiest Athetes' medal tally.

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