Sunday, March 7, 2010

MORE EXCITING LOCKER ROOM TALES: The Mouth-Watering Crusaders' Shower Room

Before reading this post, read first the previous article.
The plot gets more interesting, very interesting indeed. It turns out the name of the Chairman of Crusaders is Ian Roberts, a namesake of the Aussie who was the first of only two rugby league players to have ever outed themselves, the other being Gareth Thomas himself. The contract of Gareth is still to end on May but he was released early so he can play for the Crusaders, allegedly as requested by Gareth himself. Dai Young, the manager of the Glasgow Blues, was all praises for Gareth , said that he was very happy to release Gareth early who he predicted will raise the popularity of Crusaders. I seem to remember Young was complaining loudly just recently about poor attendance in the Cardiff Blues games, so he doesn't need now the extra pull of what he describes as a popular player to fill his coffers? Two months can still haul in loads to tidy up the deficits, right? Or could it be he can't wait to get rid of Gareth Thomas? Talking about subtleties!
Well, Chairman Ian Roberts, reportedly a local Welsh businessman, is a blessing. He showed fine taste in importing the two Aussies- Michael Witt & Nick Youngquest. There's still more where they came from. I can see it's going to be a blast in the Crusaders showers from here on. Perhaps the Chairman can even join his team in the showers in the guise of showing his solidarity. I just hope he & Gareth won't pull each other's hair later on over some dick. As it is, they're already both balding.

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