Monday, March 22, 2010

GODS OF SWIMMING: Gerhardus "Gerhard" Zandberg of South Africa

Easily one of the sexiest swimmers in the world, Gerhard won the 50m backstroke in last year's FINA swimming championships in Stockholm, regaining the feat he first won in 2007 (video below). He's been recognized as one of the sexiest athletes in his country by the Saffa Cosmo but it's not the British Cosmo so no nude pics yet. Mostly, the Afrikaners are descended from the Dutch who love posing with their dicks but, unfortunately, such nonchalance was lost on the way to the Cape. With his tall frame (2 meters) and sexy everything, Gerhard should touch base with his roots and regain his nonchalance. Perhaps he'll start a new tradition in his new homeland. I know they have big things to show.

This 2007 Swimming event is almost a Mr. World competition, it has some of the sexiest swimmers of all time- Thomas Rupprath & Steffen Driesen of Germany (now both retired), Liam Tancock of Great Britain & of course, Gerhard, the winner

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