Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Andrew Nash of Sheffield Hallam University UK

After the release of a SHU video, I go to England just to check out for myself the identity of the players. Call it a fetish just knowing their names. But I never planned of divulging them. Lately, a Brit friend happily told me Andrew's name & naked pictures have been the stuff of beefcake forums anyway, maybe it's time I stop acting too fatherly (his words). I agree. Almost all those who knew them at SHU knew their names & saw their nudity, & they're not ashamed, why should they be ashamed of the world who they don't have to mingle with on a daily basis? I am sure they deserve fame just like Thom Evans & Sean Lamont. So let's put a name to a dick- a big one,btw. Anyway, his dick is in good company in this blog, now it's being celebrated along with the dicks of the sexiest Sport superstars of the world. What's a bigger honor for a college Rugby lad?

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