Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GODS OF JUDO: Alert Holtman of the Netherlands

The pictures below were taken a decade ago when this judoka from the northern Dutch city of Groningen was just starting out. He never really became a big name in Judo but he should be held in esteem for a more timeless honor- one of the most beautiful young Sportmen ever photographed nude. A rather more immortal honor which can't be eclipsed by another recordbreaker like in real tournaments.

Actually the Dutch have produced the most number of nude Sport photography, both male & female. In the early part of the last decade, top female Dutch athletes earned part of their training expenses through their nude pictures in a website called (since defunct) while the males sold theirs through the website of a Dutch photographer. Few top names have been willing lately so the Dutch have virtually disappeared from the radar so to speak. At a time when nude Sport photography has become big through the Dieux du Stade & Gods of Football franchises. But beautiful young men like Alert shouldn't be consigned to oblivion because he deserves to be appreciated by a wider world for a long, long time.

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