Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GODS OF CYCLING: Theo Bos of Cervelo Test Team, the Netherlands

In this time of Dieux du Stade, we have become used to seeing full-frontal nudes of athletes taken at the height of their careers. In the Netherlands, they shoot most of them early, when they're just starting out (still impressionable, easier to convince & most likely without a killjoy business adviser). A few of those athletes would become world champions later on. Like Theo Bos. When he became world champion in 2004 (the world record of 9.772 seconds for the 200 meter sprint set in Moscow on 2006 is his), his nude pics quickly spread throughout the Net. In time, there were claims that some were fake (a common argument of athletes & photographers who developed second thoughts after the initial bravado). In this age of Thom Evans, I don't think full-frontal nudity by an athlete should be too much of an issue anymore. More & more, it is seen as something almost glorious if they got what it takes & it gets celebrated for posterity. Call it narcissistic indulgence inherent in a self-focused athlete, consistent with the obsessed quest for excellence & fame, a latent yearning for immortality, if you may. Would you believe a couple of athletes have actually sent their sexy pics to this blog? (knowing they are readers inspired me to continue lol). Most athletes, as attested to by most photographers of the genre, actually loved being photographed naked- the only limiting factor of the final product is the state of the athlete's sex organ (now you know why some simply can't go full-frontal). In the pic below, Theo is shown with a delicious dick & a just as delicious bush. But I would prefer more one which is more current. He's actually sexier now, fuller & harder in the right places. A naked 26-year old Theo Bos would be priceless.

the world sprint king in the 2007 track championships in Spain

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