Friday, March 5, 2010

EXCITING LOCKER ROOM TALES: The New Guys of Crusaders of Super League

This isn't an activist site so I don't treat Gareth Thomas as a poster boy of Civil Rights just because he came out. I am more interested in the practical realities of an outed sportman, especially in that most fascinating locker room environment. There's a reason why locker rooms are separated according to sex, & Gareth got lucky there. Now that he has done his coming out, no need to play dumb in the shower room anymore. No more attacks of panic if ever threats of discovery like unwelcome hard-ons crop up. The news is that Gareth will transfer to Crusaders of Super League & he said it's not about money. He claimed to be excited with the ambition of Crusaders. I think the silent question in most minds is: will the locker room of Crusaders has as much delicious hunks as that of the Cardiff Blues (look here,here &here).

Look at how exciting the ambition of Crusaders is. The two sexiest heartthrobs of Aussie footy have been acquired by Crusaders as well. Michael Witt & Nick Youngquest.

It seems Gareth Thomas will be taking longer exciting showers with his new teammates.

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