Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CLOSE CONDITIONS : Locker Room Tales

Close Conditions: the main principle invoked why straight men, be they in Sports or the military, are primarily averse to having gay men within their ranks, not because of fear of contagion, but because of unease, or even disgust, brought about by sense of being sexual targets in an inherently asexual close environment, such as in a locker room (same principle why men & women have separate locker rooms)

So the outed Welsh Rugby player, Gareth Thomas, played for the first time last Friday with Crusaders. He finally had his long shower, I could just imagine him taking his time to savor the new sights. Mostly, I thought of him zeroing on Michael Witt because I would have done so. But my Scot friend, Ewan, thought that most likely, Gareth would go for the other Aussie, Nick Youngquest, instead. Really?

The locker room adventures of a gay Rugby player among his cute straight teammates are interesting enough to merit their own compilation, you can access them in the Index under the heading CLOSE CONDITIONS: Locker Room Tales.

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