Monday, February 22, 2010


I have a soft spot for Dutch, I never thoroughly analyzed why. Before I learned the Latin languages & German, there was English, then Dutch. You could say learning Dutch encouraged me to learn the other 5 languages eventually. I don't know anyone among my peers who was even interested but I was able to learn Dutch all by myself. I couldn't place it now- the initial inspiration, I mean. When I first went to Amsterdam, I was already regularly reading the online Volkskrant as one of my daily news sources & I very much wanted to check if I could pronounce it right. They understood me alright, but I had the feeling they were just so grateful I learned their strange language (few do, only 20 million speakers in the entire world) they kept praising me even when I stammered. That I discovered in Amsterdam those pretty Dutch boys was an unintended bonus. I never got to meet him in any of my annual visits but I sure would have wanted to try my Dutch on him- Sven Kramer, I mean. The 5000 meter Gold Medallist in the Vancouver Winter Olympics is proof that it's not only their language why I am a fan of that small slice of Europe. Jammer dat er geen frontaal naakt foto's zijn. LOL

Some important Dutch words:
dick- lul, pik
fuck- neuken
suck- zuigen
horny- geil
hot- lekker
swallow cum (you should seriously consider this considering the appelmoes-eating straight Dutch boys have relatively sweeter cum than the American ones)- zaad slikken
Pick-up line to drunk cute straight Dutch boys- Ik wil je lul zuigen. Is 1000 euros genoeg? 2000?

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