Thursday, February 11, 2010

GODS OF SWIMMING: Hugues Duboscq of France

When you meet an Anglo-Germanic guy, you are first struck by how cute he is, but there's a tad split-second delay before you realize how sexy he really is. When you meet one from that area composed of France, Northern Spain & Northern Italy, the Latin flavor immediately impacts you into sexual overdrive. That's how you feel when Hugues is lined-up before the start of a swimming event. You're still appreciating how sexy his whiter competitors are, but in your mind, you're already ripping his suit into Kingdom come. It's a shame that my favorite fag sorcerers in la France weren't able to cajole him into posing into one of those full-frontal photoshoots. In fact, Hugues doesn't have much photographic footprint. Hmm, the sorcerers' seem to be losing their touch. They're relying too much in importing instead of maximizing their own.
Merde! Just imagine Hugues a la Frederic Bosquet in his birthday suit!

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