Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top Dicks of February, 2010

1. Riley Skinner
2. Riley Skinner

3. Sean Lamont

4. Thom & Max Evans

5. David Nugent

6. Jiri Tlusty

7. Grady Sizemore

8. Hugo Stockwell

9. Sven Kramer

10. Greg Oden

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have a soft spot for Dutch, I never thoroughly analyzed why. Before I learned the Latin languages & German, there was English, then Dutch. You could say learning Dutch encouraged me to learn the other 5 languages eventually. I don't know anyone among my peers who was even interested but I was able to learn Dutch all by myself. I couldn't place it now- the initial inspiration, I mean. When I first went to Amsterdam, I was already regularly reading the online Volkskrant as one of my daily news sources & I very much wanted to check if I could pronounce it right. They understood me alright, but I had the feeling they were just so grateful I learned their strange language (few do, only 20 million speakers in the entire world) they kept praising me even when I stammered. That I discovered in Amsterdam those pretty Dutch boys was an unintended bonus. I never got to meet him in any of my annual visits but I sure would have wanted to try my Dutch on him- Sven Kramer, I mean. The 5000 meter Gold Medallist in the Vancouver Winter Olympics is proof that it's not only their language why I am a fan of that small slice of Europe. Jammer dat er geen frontaal naakt foto's zijn. LOL

Some important Dutch words:
dick- lul, pik
fuck- neuken
suck- zuigen
horny- geil
hot- lekker
swallow cum (you should seriously consider this considering the appelmoes-eating straight Dutch boys have relatively sweeter cum than the American ones)- zaad slikken
Pick-up line to drunk cute straight Dutch boys- Ik wil je lul zuigen. Is 1000 euros genoeg? 2000?

GODS OF ICE HOCKEY: Jiri Tlusty of the Carolina Hurricanes, National Hockey League

This Czech professional ice hockey player's life tremendously quieted down since he transferred from the Toronto Maple Leafs. His first misadventure in Canada: he sent his self-photographed naked pictures to a Canadian woman he met through his Facebook account. Then he was photographed tounge-kissing a man, with ensuing question marks on his sexuality. Part of the learning curve one free-spirited young European has to go through upon being transplanted to the unpredictable popular and moral environment of North America. But he learned his lessons well- he was surprisingly invisible lately that I almost thought he went home already to his homeland.

GODS OF RUGBY: James O'Connor of Western Force, Super 14

Only 19, he straddles that delicious twilight zone where twinks are transformed into the hunky persona of a rugby union player. Based in far-off Perth, Western Australia, he's relatively hidden from salivating gawks more endemic in the comparatively thickly-populated eastern part of the subcontinent.
I guess he can't hide for long though. Perth is too isolated a sanctuary for his charms.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Bjorn Ferry won the Gold Medal in the Biathlon in the ongoing Vancouver Winter Olympics.