Sunday, January 3, 2010

GODS OF SWIMMING: Alessandro Terrin of Italy

He has my favorite stats- 6'4", 95 kg., 24 years old. He may not be smashing world records like Michael Phelps but this baby bear has a cute face that nicely complements a stunningly sexy body- and that's enough reason why I posted him here. That's not saying he's not an achiever- he holds one World Record (with his team for the 4 x 50 m relay) and the European Breaststroke record for the 100 meters. One thing bothers me though- after he did the D & G underwear ad last year, he got used shaving his body. I always thought straight boys only shaved their genital areas because girls are squeamish playing in a bushy area. But whole body?

Alessandro e nudo ma perche depilato nel piu deliziozi luogi del suo corpo? It seems the baby bear doesn't want to be a bear anymore after tasting the razor of D&G. Somebody should tell him to get over with the fantastical nonsense of the fags behind the commercial. The commercial is done. He should return to the real him.

Behold the Baby Bear Attacked By A Razor

Here's the D & G backstage where the bulge of Alessandro was pinched midway:

Other article on ALESSANDRO TERRIN:

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