Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GODS OF CALCIO: Jesus Datolo of Napoli Serie A

When the Napolitan player posed for an Argentine gay mag in his underwear, the football manager Aurelio de Laurentiis reacted. But Italian football players are well-known for running in their underwears in the field after a championship victory. His reaction didn't create ripples in the Italian media, only in a few American gay blogs which were not entirely aware of the streaking predilection in Italian soccer fields or they would have been more apoplectic. De Laurentiis was obviously spooked by the fact that Datolo did it for a mainly gay audience. I very much doubt that posing for a gay mag is worse than running nearly naked in front of 80,000 Roman Catholics including many gays & children (age of consent in Italy is 15). I never heard such Italian stars like Cassano, de Rossi, Matri and other streakers were punished so I'm pretty sure de Laurentiis was just letting off some private disgust. To each his own sensibility. I have a different concern. What really got me riled was that such posturing still happens in Italy when what they should be doing now is to take off those underwears entirely and show Italian willies instead.

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