Sunday, January 3, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Miguel Avramovic of Montauban France Top 14

When he arrived in France, he was asked to strip. When he went home to Argentina, he was again asked to strip. I doubt if there's any other place in the world he could go to where he won't be asked to strip. The next time, he should do more though. His butt is nice, but after 2 exposures (Dieux du Stade 2008 & Romeo Mag), I've already memorized all its secrets. Time to check how things are in front.

My personal message to Miguel:
Che, es el tiempo para mostrar todo. Dos fiestas de culazo son mi limite. Basta ya con la espalda. Por el tercero ensayo, yo quiero ver el verdadero paraiso. Mismo. Todo. Estoy serio. Claro? Vale, vamos a ver...

Here's the "making-of" vid of his photoshoot for an Argentine gay mag:

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