Sunday, January 3, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: James Pritchard of Canadian National Team/Bedford Blues Englands National Division One

James is an Australian-Canadian rugby union player, who currently plays his club rugby in the UK for the Bedford Blues, and internationally for Canada. He played rugby union in Australia for a while then he went on to try his luck in Europe in 2001- playing first for the Bedford Blues in England, then went on later to play in France for Albion & Perpignan, eventually returning to England to play for the Northhampton Saints, then finally back to the Bedford Blues. The English wasted no time in testing his mettle the second time around. He was made to disrobe for a calendar. He was up to the test- after all, he got what it takes. Dieux du Stade missed a chance when he was in France. It's not too late. James has every right to be featured in next year's calendar. We might have the money shot yet.
So here it is, behold, the overpowering sex appeal of James Pritchard.

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