Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Graeme Morrison of the Glasgow Warriors, Magners League

The Glasgow Warriors squad owes its recent worldwide fame (or notoriety) to the dick pics of Thom & Max Evans plastered on walls throughout the world. Well, it seems the Warriors' fame isn't about to fizzle out yet. If the sexy Graeme could be convinced to do a Thom Evans this year, that is. My, just imagining Graeme & his dick both grinning in the wallpaper of my laptop makes me weak at the knees.

with Rory Lamont: future DDS kings?


  1. I saw somewhere that Rory is only known as "Piece Junior" because he is the younger Lamont brother.

  2. If I were Rory, I should prove once & for all I'm not a Junior to anybody LOL