Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year! Let's celebrate the New Year with the colors of Pedro Virgil. His first coffee table book, The Gods of Sports, with its intrusive body painting and other pretensions common in fashion photography, is water under the bridge. He more than vindicated himself in his second, Gods of Football: The Book. Just a little edge (less shaving and makeup), and it would've been perfect. There's almost an epiphany while scanning the pages- the spectacular beauty of the athletic bodies have never been as beautiful in color. The color compositions were tempered in such a way the noir-ish mood of Black-&-White was evoked without resorting to the total annihilation of color. You're completely posessed by the subtle intensity of emotions, the ephemeral galloping of hormones, the delicate power of the raging muscles. It's the way forward, it's a revolution, it's a big wakeup blow to the pretensions of the color annihilators who must be rendered extinct once and for all. It's a big slap to the pretentious Tony Duran who had the temerity to fantasize that the Diex du Stade guys were created in his fabulous queen image- in Black-&-White even.

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