Sunday, January 3, 2010

Calendario INEF Granada 2009

There are many below-the-radar releases of naked calendars in different parts of the world and more often than not, most were mere localized splashes because they were never really given enough push outside their communities. In this connected age, some don't even bother creating online stores. Makes you think that for some the whole thing was more whimsical than serious in supposedly raising money for charity. Hey, people, if you still don't know it, I'm telling you now, there's a lot of crazy collectors in the big wide world out there dying to add your loot to their hoard. Including me btw. I only discovered this Spanish calendar last week. If they still plan to release any this year, they should now know what to do- inasmuch as you're deep into it already, why not just go all out and really earn more for charity. All out. Simple as that.

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