Thursday, December 10, 2009

PREMIERSHIP GODS: Olly Barkley Returns

Premiership was incomplete when Olly Barkley was injured. Somehow there was a palpable absence hanging in the air as I tried to focus on the sighing feed belched by tortuous fiber optic cables winding under the Atlantic. I try to monitor all the major Rugby tournaments worldwide in real-time, prioritizing those of France, England & Australia (I regularly monitor Sports in at least 12 countries; in fact, the only American sports I'm glued to nowadays are Extreme Sports, UFC & Ice Hockey). That's how small the world has become. Somehow I've outgrown the American Football experience. Part of the appeal of the other side is the big chance of suddenly seeing your idol's dick one day in high resolution. Don't discount the effect of that genre popularized by Dieux Du Stade on Sport appreciation in a worldwide context. It's all about Sports & fun really- just like attending a party in Yorkshire & the cute straight lads suddenly thought of doing a Full Monty at midnight. Very British way of having fun. In a way, Olly was only being British when he did his print & video Full Monty's. Though not as Full as I would have liked them to be. True he practically showed 3/4 of his dick. Just a small slice & he could have competed with Thom Evans for all the acclamations. Too bad, I actually think Olly has the bigger dick & the cuter face. At the end of the day,whoever showed the most dick was the DIEUX- the King of the Stadium. Yes, despite all the protestations of Art pretension by some pretentious quarters, it's the dick, stupid. C'est la vie. Just show more dick next time.

The return of Olly to the Premiership perks up my interest. If you noticed, I've practically been writing exclusively in the past days on France's Top 14.

just look at Olly's wonderful 3/4

Here's how Olly described in his blog his participation in Dieux Du Stade 2010:
... spent the day in Paris after being asked to take part in the Stade Francais Calendar. "But you don’t play for Stade Francais Olly"? Correct, but it's the tenth anniversary of what has become the most talked about calendars in the rugby world, as a result of..........well......nudity! It was shot in a beautiful art deco completely white house in the middle of Paris and they’d flown in a famous photographer and his team from L.A so they pull out all the stops. I had some food, tried to understand what little french conversation was going on around the lunch table and then went upstairs for "make-up". Once I'd been covered in things that only a women has in her toilet bag I proceeded, much to my dismay, to pose for what must have been 2 hours.....wait for it.....entirely naked. They’ve assured me that the final publications are not pornographic, but to be honest it made me feel no more brazen at the time when surrounded by a team of at least five!Anyways, I bit the bullet, pondered the reactions of various mates and family had they been their watching and left the building having just had one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The calendar is out in December, let me know what you think?!?!?!

His website

another look at the wonderful 3/4

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