Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our postings are now regular and I intend to keep it that way from now on. I found a way to regularly post amidst my busy sked. I'm outsourcing this a thousand miles away. I compose the text in my Iphone during short breaks, choose the pics from my 500GB collection then email them to Asia. Yep, that far, but not for the low-cost. I found that it's the posting that takes time, so a local friend volunteered because he has a lot of spare time. I started this blog on my last Asian vacation, I was invited for Christmas and look what I got as Christmas present- a really improved blog. You may have noted that sometimes there are grammatical errors & some pics are actually missing. I'll correct them by and by. Understandable because our friend is a straight boy and he may be disoriented by the materials he has to work with. LOL. His work is pro bono, he won't accept my check so I applied for ads and whatever checks would be earned will be sent straight to him. I don't think he will drive away the delivery boy.

So the world turns...

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