Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GODS OF TENNIS: Feliciano Lopez, Spanish Armada Part 2

The sexiest among the Spanish Armada, don't you think? The Spaniards are not far behind the other Europeans as far as full-frontal nudity bravado is concerned, definitely above the Italians. Genitals are liberally displayed in films, TV, periodicals, even public places (they have rabid naked cyclists). I kinda think it's a badge of honor for Spanish celebrities to have their dicks published. Spain, however, has always been too timid in convincing its Tennis superstars to expose their normally thick bushes & obviously big packages. All the sex organs of its major actors are all over the internet, why not that of Feliciano? I bet he has a bigger, longer & mas guapo dick than Antonio Banderas or Javier Bardem. Wanna bet?

(Ola, Interviu, hay tiempo todavia. Antes que el pollon de Feliciano se comeria totalmente por las arrugas, hay que llevarlo al estudio para un ensayo... completamente desnudo, vale? )

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