Wednesday, December 23, 2009

GODS OF RUGBY: Frederic Michalak of Toulouse France Top 14

The number 30 is a psychic depressant to my sex drive. When a guy turns 30, as if by magic, he suddenly transforms into a lesser sex object. The change is not as sudden as it sounds. As if by a switch, the descent starts at 27. Frederic seems to be an exception. He's 27, but I still don't feel any beginning slippage in my attraction. He's performing excellent Rugby with Toulouse nowadays. Still cuts the profile of a fashion model. In fact, he's actually sexier now than when he first appeared nude in the Dieux du Stade 2003 calendar. He filled up considerably 7 years hence, no more are the twinkoid angles of his then lean body. It would be great to finally meet the dick sprouting from such a body after all those years.
This makes me wonder about the great resolve of the famous French fag witches. Frederic was born in the sorcerers' lair itself- la France-, how could they have failed to convince him to be a complete exhibitionist the first time around? Perhaps they had the wrong chant. It should be like this: Merde, Michalak dois montrer son verge. Abrakadabra! Nous devons voir son verge, Abrakadabra!" (Eww, was that corny or what? )

His Wikipedia here

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