Friday, December 25, 2009

GODS OF RUGBY: The Doomed Greenwich RC DVD

I was actually planning to feature the University of Greenwich Rugby Club 2010 calendar a few weeks ago when suddenly I couldn't access their site. Right at the time it was announced the DVD was sold out. I had a hunch something was up then. There was a kink alright. Apparently the university higher-ups got wind of the risque aspects of the project and they demanded censorship which the producers refused to entertain. Instead of releasing a weak product, they just canceled the DVD, promised a refund and will only go ahead with the calendar. While I find fault with the amateurish groundworks, they actually vindicated themselves by being consistent with the product they wanted to sell.
Sad, because I think they had the right marketing ideas. Release two versions of the "making-of" DVD: one fit for the general crowd, the other for more demanding clients. This should have been the strategy adopted by Dieux du Stade after 2007. I don't believe for a minute only gays or bis would want to see the so-called risque parts. Most women do. Those who lodged complaints in 2007 were the noisy minority who felt guilty when their clits tingled so much. They tried to absolve their hypocrite consciences with the tested tactic of pretending holier-than-thou after they had their fix.

I guess I won't have the chance now to see what was cut as the camera panned outwards.

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