Monday, December 21, 2009

GODS OF THE MAGNERS LEAGUE: Chris Czekaj of the Cardiff Blues

Chris Czekaj

Ian Roberts of Australia already did his own confesssion before- he's gay alright. No similar confession from any other Rugby player followed and Roberts eventually disappeared from Rugby old boy networks, became an actor and is still mentioned every now and then in some gay blogs. Gareth Thomas of the Cardiff Blues did his own confessing recently. He expressed hope that others with similar dilemma will find it easier later on because of what he did. Same noble purpose, like Roberts'. Of course, everybody is polite so far in front of his pain; in this age of hysterical activism, everybody is likely to claim they share other people's pain, at least on the surface. Gareth had a right to do what he wanted anyway, be it dance on a pinhead or swallow a samurai sword. I found his remark dubious though when asked if ever he's been attracted to any of his teammates and he answered never. Really? He means he doesn't feel a thing when Chris Czekaj, Gavin Evans, Dafydd Hewitt, Leigh Halfpenny, among others, take off their uniforms in the locker room after a game, walk around swishing their big dicks while they joke and wrestle with each other? I wonder if Gareth will be knocking his head when Chris starts becoming inseparable from his towel whenever he (Gareth) enters the locker room. Will there still be naked wrestling in the showers? Would it be worth being noble if the locker room suddenly became solemn? Isn't seeing Chris' dick, and even squeezing it once in a while under the showers pretending it's an accident, enough reason to have continued with the charade? Gareth apparently has his own motivations. Well, Welsh rugby seems headed for more solemnity anyway. Their games are steadily losing crowds, even in major games, and team managers are complaining. I wonder if the Welsh will be inspired enough now to watch the games because their captain is gay. I hope Gareth will not become just another mere footnote in gay outing history like Ian Roberts.

Well, this article isn't exactly about Gareth. It's about the fact there are so many calendar materials in the Cardiff Blues squad- all cute, sexy and, yes, straight. We've seen Scot and English dicks. About time we see Welsh. Moreover, I wanna know how Gareth could state his indifference to such testosterone delicacies with a straight face. Size queen?

Chris Czekaj, The Cardiff Blues

His Wikipedia page here

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