Friday, December 25, 2009

GODS OF MAGNERS LEAGUE: The Cute Boys of the Cardiff Blues

Consider this, 11 of the 43 players of the Cardiff Blues are goodlooking enough to work as strippers if ever their Rugby careers were suddenly compromised. Why were they concentrated in one place? Could this concentration of sexy testosterone in one shower room led to the breakdown of Gareth Thomas' resolve? He couldn't keep anymore his dick from standing in the showers so he exposed himself before his dick exposed him? It just makes me shudder thinking if I were in the same shower room, I may have gone insane keeping my dick from giving me away. Given the superdelicious scenery, I sure would have wanted to stay in the showers forever, but how could I if my dick kept on craning its neck like a cobra to ogle closer? My, I could just imagine the torture an un-outed gay Rugby player has to endure. But what about when he has outed himself, does it mean- party time?

1. Tom James

2. Robin Sowden Taylor

3. Richie Rees

4. Richard Mustoe

5. Leigh Halfpenny

6. Gareth Evans

7. Dai Flanagan

8. Dafydd Hewitt

9. Dafydd James

10. Chris Czakej

11. Ben Blair

I already featured Chris Czakej, more of the other cuties later on. In 2010.

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