Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GODS OF MAGNERS LEAGUE: Battle of the Fairest

The Newport Gwent Dragons have as many goodlooking players as the Cardiff Blues. The four Welsh teams really have more lookers per team compared to the other teams in the Magners League that it got me thinking- did the Welsh scouts knowingly put a greater weight on physical appearance in their recruitment checklist than say the Irish where some teams barely have one or two players who are presentable? Coincidence, or are the Welsh really more genetically-endowed than their neighbors? Better water in Wales? Well, physical appearance didn't help eventually because the Blues, with 11 sexy studs, scored 42-13 against the Dragons, who also had 11 just as sexy hunks, in their match last Monday.

1. Tom Riley

2. Wayne Evans
3. Adam Brown

4. Danny Lydiate- my favorite, he's 6'4"

5.James Arlidge

6.James Harris

7. Jason Tovey

8. Lewis Evans

9. Luke Charteris- he's English , another favorite

10. Matthew Watkins

11. Richard Fussell

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