Sunday, December 13, 2009

GODS OF ITALIAN FOOTBALL: Freedom 2010 Calendar

Needless to say the Italian calciatori are mostly sexy. They came out with a calendar with a puzzling pubblicitta in a Milan daily- calciatori si spogliano, football players peeled themselves off! You have visions of the base of Alessandro Matri or Fabio Cannavaro's cock & pubic hair peeping. But then no- it turned out peeling meant they only took off their shirts & that's that. I'm not sure if they were actually American Football players masquerading as Italians but I could see Matri there -in his jeans. Tutti Italiani, tutti sexy ma non spogliatti. I have to admit I'm a sucker for nude calendars but I'm not yet sure how to handle this one. Matri is currently one of my biggest crushes, I know it's for charity, but this is just strange. The last time I looked at the map, Italy was still a part of Europe & I'm really puzzled how this kind of peeling still meets European standards. Made in the Vatican?
Mamma mia, where are the dicks? Dove? Dove?

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