Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GODS OF FRANCE TOP 14: The Afrikaner Dick Show

Toulon's Joe van Niekerk & the boxer he can't be separated from

Jou ma se poes! Racing Metro is now in third place. It beat Toulon. It was a battle between the two Saffas, Racing's Francois Steyn & Toulon's Joe van Niekerk. There's a rumor Frans played very well because he was so mad at Joe. Joe destroyed the honor of South Africa by being a coward in the last Dieux du Stade DVD- what, a scion of the mighty lineage of their brave Afrikaner boer forefathers can't even remove his boxers in front of a camera? Suig my piel! Pielkop! Now, it's on the shoulder of Frans to vindicate the pride of the great Afrikaner race- the gossip is for next year, he'll go full-frontal to make up for Joe's cowardice.

For the last week, here's the scorecard:
Brive 27 Toulouse 21
Albi 20 Biarritz 9
Racing-Metro 28 Toulon 15
1 Castres 47
2 Perpignan 45
3 Racing Metro 43
4 Clermont 42
5 Toulouse 41
6 Stade Français 38
7 Toulon 38
8 Biarritz 33
9 Brive 33
10 Montauban 30
11 Montpellier 29
12 Bourgoin 27
13 Bayonnais 23
14 Albi 19

A clip from the Racing Metro-Toulon match: look at how brave Joe is in the pitch- who would have thought he chickens out in front of a camera? Yeah, Joe scored, but he still put South Africa into disrepute by not being brave everytime. Simply, a Saffa doesn't back out.

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