Sunday, December 20, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Rory Lamont of Toulon France Top 14

On we go with my wish list for next year's calendar.
Ever since his brother Sean showed the world how generous nature was to the Lamonts, the world has set its sights on his younger brother, waiting with bated breath for the judgement day. Will it be as big or bigger? That is the question. Thankfully, the answer is near. Now with Toulon, Rory is already trapped in the sorcerers' lair- la France- and the French fag witches are circling him even now for the kill. They are in trance every night, summoning all their magical powers a la JK Rowling, chanting, "Mon Dieu, Rory gotta do the full-frontal, let it be as big and long, Abrakadabra! Le verge de Rory sera plus grand, plus long, que ce de Sean. Abrakadabra!"
C'est la vie... Quand je serai grand (et long) je serai celebre!

His Wikipedia here

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