Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Francois Steyn of Racing Metro France Top 14

Okay, the next calendar will probably be shot by March or April next year so we better endorse our wishlist. After David Strettle, here's the next one.

So Frans Steyn has finally landed in France. Since the last World Cup in France, his dick has become the most awaited appendage to appear on a Dieux du Stade calendar; in fact, I featured him already (see here). It has been a long vigil for his inevitable arrival in the sorcerers' lair- la France. The French fags better sweet-talk him right. It's a given, he'll want to vindicate the honor of South Africa damaged by the cowardice of John van Niekerk from being separated from his boxers (Adult-Onset Separation Anxiety- he probably thought his boxer was his mother). Well, the only reason a Saffa (or a Brit for that matter, ask Simon Shaw) won't show his dick is if it's small. I bet Frans has no problem in that department, his bulge is as powerful as his incredible thighs. So I have a feeling DDS 2011 will be very powerful indeed.

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