Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CHRISTMAS WISH: Some Kinky Things For The Holidays

It's Christmas, I guess I'm allowed to have a couple of weird wishes. Who knows some weird soul just might make them come true.

1. DVD: "The Double Penetration of Stefan Postma"- hardcore with straight actors

As mentioned before, anal sex doesn't have to be always gay, especially in the case of Dutch goalkeeper Stefan Postma, who apparently enjoys a good poke in his asshole every now and then. An asshole only recognizes the electricity of the pressure, not the material battering it. It could be a strap-on, or it could be a gigantic dick. Meanwhile, a horny dick only needs friction to come. Just make the straight model watch a straight porn until he's erect. He could come fucking a watermelon, a pillow or the asshole of Stefan Postma. Let's invite some of our Rugby hotties as guest models. Let's get David Williams of Australia. We'll make it really special for Postma (after all it's Christmas)-the greater the pressure in his asshole, the greater would be the pleasure. So we'll add Olly Barkely of England. Two big dicks at the same time. Stefan will be in heaven this Christmas.

2. DVD: "The Gangbang of Stefan Postma"- hardcore with straight actors

As you can see from the picture of the Dutch football team GSAVV Forward below, everybody has a big dick even when flaccid. We know Postma would love to play with his countrymen. Imagine them hard, just calculate the amount of pressure that will batter the asshole of Stefan, nonstop, guaranteed heaven. He'll be celebrating Christmas everyday next year.

Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Merry Christmas everyone!

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