Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GODS OF SWIMMING: Luca Marin of Italy

Luca Marin may not be one of the world record holders in the pool but he is still a world-record holder of sorts- he collects world-record holders for girlfriends. First was the French Laure Manaudou, the Olympic 200 meter Freestyle Swimmng Gold Medalist in Sydney, with whom he figured in an acrimonous breakup when a naked picture of Miss Manaudou suddenlybecame internet stuff with him as the suspected purveyor. Well, after the French star, Luca sought solace from fellow Italian Frederica Pellergrini, the current world champion for the 200 and 400 meter free style. Just read the links I provided and you'll read a very strange love triangle. Yup, there's soap opera in the pool too. No wonder, the boy is packing with sex appeal, enough to melt the hearts of world champions in two countries.

GODS OF MAGNERS LEAGUE: Battle of the Fairest

The Newport Gwent Dragons have as many goodlooking players as the Cardiff Blues. The four Welsh teams really have more lookers per team compared to the other teams in the Magners League that it got me thinking- did the Welsh scouts knowingly put a greater weight on physical appearance in their recruitment checklist than say the Irish where some teams barely have one or two players who are presentable? Coincidence, or are the Welsh really more genetically-endowed than their neighbors? Better water in Wales? Well, physical appearance didn't help eventually because the Blues, with 11 sexy studs, scored 42-13 against the Dragons, who also had 11 just as sexy hunks, in their match last Monday.

1. Tom Riley

2. Wayne Evans
3. Adam Brown

4. Danny Lydiate- my favorite, he's 6'4"

5.James Arlidge

6.James Harris

7. Jason Tovey

8. Lewis Evans

9. Luke Charteris- he's English , another favorite

10. Matthew Watkins

11. Richard Fussell


Our postings are now regular and I intend to keep it that way from now on. I found a way to regularly post amidst my busy sked. I'm outsourcing this a thousand miles away. I compose the text in my Iphone during short breaks, choose the pics from my 500GB collection then email them to Asia. Yep, that far, but not for the low-cost. I found that it's the posting that takes time, so a local friend volunteered because he has a lot of spare time. I started this blog on my last Asian vacation, I was invited for Christmas and look what I got as Christmas present- a really improved blog. You may have noted that sometimes there are grammatical errors & some pics are actually missing. I'll correct them by and by. Understandable because our friend is a straight boy and he may be disoriented by the materials he has to work with. LOL. His work is pro bono, he won't accept my check so I applied for ads and whatever checks would be earned will be sent straight to him. I don't think he will drive away the delivery boy.

So the world turns...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

GODS OF CALCIO: Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira of Juventus Serie A

The Brazilian-born Juventus superstar is under presure to wear the Azzuri uniform for next year's World Cup in South Africa. For the record, he said he will if the Italians gave him a passport. Amauri will be a fine influence to the Italian players. I haven't seen an Italian calciatore who was photographed naked full frontal. Amauri already was. Look below. Eu amo o brasileiro.

Eu amo o pau brasileiro!

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Marco Bartolami, former Captain of Italian National Team/Gloucester RFC Guinness Premiership

Another fine Italian specimen. It's about time Dieux du Stade celebrates more of Italian
men. Marco is Italian sex appeal ground zero, & he offers so many sexy possibilities. His stint among the British may have already opened his eyes to the joys of that particularly British pastime- Full Monty. Time to show his Italianized version.

About him here

Saturday, December 26, 2009

GODS OF SOCCER: John Terry of Chelsea

Not your usual pretty boy but John Terry has a deceivingly quiet sex appeal that knocks you out at the most unexpected moments. Like when he suddenly takes off his shirt and you see pure sex striding the field. Or when he unwittingly slides down the garter of his shorts revealing just a flash of cheeks and you just find yourself screaming he pulls it down some more. More! More!