Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KINK GOD OF FOOTBALL: Stefan Postma of AGOVV Apeldoorn

His name is already enshrined in Sports History, the former Arsenal goalkepeer will always be remembered as the first bottom of professional football. And he sure knows the best technique to enjoy the myriad pleasures of bottoming- jack your cock while your ass is being pumped, the electricity is maximal that way. An asshole really won't know the difference- what is jackhammering it may be a giant strap-on, or it could be a giant cock. So you see, gayness is not an issue in all things anal. Ergo, when a colleague feels the itch desperately and there is no chick around but Postma is in the showers, they are not gay (WINK) if they would help each other out. Call it practicality (ANOTHER WINK). Hmmm. I wonder if his teammates make a beeline to unload on Postma's goal every now & then. I bet Postma won't ever defend his goal, a gangbang would definitely bring maximal pleasure, just what a horny Dutch asshole needs.
Here's the video
Hoi, Stefan, liet die complete video zien, iedereen moet de beste gevideod ontknucht ter wereld te waarderen. Nou ik hou inderdaad van die Nederlanders, ze houden echt van frontaal geheel naakt te poseren, soms ze houden echt van kink seks te tonen. Wat is er volgende ze doen? Hardcore gay seks tussen beroemde heteroseksueel atleten? Postma bottom, Huntelaar top? Opschieten, ik moet dat kijken!

His Wikipedia page


  1. interesting. Like u said there is a strong possibility that a teammate or more has made it with him.

    Women don't have dicks, that just not a part of their biological/natural makeup. So when a man wants to be penetrated, he internally wants a man to do it, but because of internal homophobia may ask like in Stefan's case, a woman to use a strap on, or he himself will use a dildo. But it does indicate male-male attraction.

  2. frankly, it doesn't follow. You don't have to be attracted to a man to enjoy anal stimulation. Such speculation on straight males may only discourage free experimentation. It will only alienate gays more & what is more desperate than living a life not tasting the real thing- a real man

  3. awesome find. the moment i saw the first pic, i dint like his face to be sexy enough... didnt know that in this case, u have something else in store for us.
    very great find... :)