Sunday, November 22, 2009

GODS OF SWIMMING: Club Natacion Ferca San Jose Calendar 2010 of Spain

Let's help these dudes. They are actually all very sexy, and I just pity them wobbling in marketing their calendar. They have no proper marketing outlet, you can buy them in Ebay- ridiculous but true- or write their club. They had their first calendar in 2008, no noise last year, but they resurfaced again just recently with a very sexy calendar, and just as sexy making-of video- with bits of Spanish dicks if you're fast.(Ola, coño, donde estan las partes cortadas? Yo quiero ver todas las vergas! Intiendes?)

I confess, I like watching Rugby hunks but the guys I do have sex with are usually leaner (but still hunkily muscular of course). I love my guys straight & I have no qualms paying. These swimmers actually have my favorite body type. Anyone of them can hang out in my bed.

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