Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: Benoit Bouzekri, Cyril Vescan, Jonathan Lemaire

I guess, it's clear by now, Thom Evans is the star of the 2010 DVD. (Even the photographer, Tony Duran, in a recent interview published in Bello Magazine, admitted he can still smell the cologne of Thom up to now. I just wish he has more images of Tom's dick in store for us in his coffee table book soon to be released on April, 2010. )
The other star is Benoit Bezoukri. Here's the video (you must buy the DVD. I know, it's not DSS 2007 but it's a far improvement from the last two. Let's help the genre. I guess they just arrested its demise but it's still in the recovery room. I'll publish my review soon, I'll be frank on where I think they missed.)
Thom Evans is far better in the DVD than in the ripped clip circulating in the Web. You should watch him in a really big screen. You could almost smell his natural cologne- or whatever they call the musky smell emanating from a sweaty dick of a rugby player

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