Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: Review

In a way, Dieux du Stade 2010 just repeated the stupidity of Gods of Football 2009, though in a less toxic manner. In GOF, the publicity photos & the calendar showed genital bits of Courtney Johns, Sandor Earl, Michael Osborne & the now-famous David Williams. However, in the DVD itself, not even a shadow of a sex organ was seen. On the other hand, the DDS calendar showed partial-frontal of 8 dicks; in the DVD, one was added (Bouzakri), but except for Thom Evans, the other calendar dicks disappeared. The calendar, which can be placed just about anywhere & could be gawked upon by just anybody, was considered as a less "harmful" vehicle for explicit exhibitionism than a DVD, which still needs to be viewed in the privacy of one's entertainment area. There is a remarkable toning down of raunch post-2007 because there was a fear that a part of the crowd could be turned off. If that's the fear, why increase the raunch factor of calendars, which are visible in more areas & liable to seen by more people, but disappoint the patrons who bought the DVD & were expecting to see more of the the 8 exhibitionists from the calendar in the privacy of their rooms? Il me semble une decision imbecile. The only saving factor for DDS 2010 was that Thom Evans was really sexy. Thankfully, just for him, the DVD was worth buying. If the balding Julien Arias showed his wares instead, I would be lambasting it now to smithereens.

I don't know if even a semblance of intelligent market research is being done here- can't they feel the indifference building up in the past two years borne out of the steady diet of disappoinments being served as they drastically cut down on the DVD raunch? The patron was taken to heaven one time, then expected him to get rigid in the cold all of a sudden- have somebody told them about the "been there, done that" syndrome? They don't stay in the cold, they would try other thrills. GOF was released when the market has turned its attention somewhere else, look at how it bombed.

A major error for DDS 2010 was the choice of Tony Duran as the photographer. This one came from a different planet. I don't know if Duran even did some research beforehand: airbrushed photographs are out-of-place in nude sports photography! Look at how feminine the photos of Thom & Max Evans in the photo above. I have a feeling Duran is a creation of the patronage of his fellow-Latino, Jennifer Lopez, & as the latter surges on to the heights of obscurity, so will Duran shortly. Not even DDS 2010 can save him, in fact, it captured down his innocence outside of Jlos's ambit. Airbrushing an already black-&-white photograph of a macho Rugby player to make him look like a faggy model is a big letdown. What was the idiot thinking? (If he wants his upcoming coffee book to succeed, he knows what to avoid).

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