Sunday, November 29, 2009

GODS OF DECATHLON: Romain Barras of France

1.94 cm, 84 kg- need I say more?
In fact, I should- simply exquisite! The best French specimen there is! He should go full-frontal, though- and the world with all its problems would become perfect.
more about him at his site:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

GODS OF SCOTS: Dicks Beneath Their Wings

They're having a sexy test match in Murrayfield in Scotland this Saturday when the Scots meet the Pumas. It certainly looks like it will be too hot to handle in the wings. Consider the two wingers for Scotland: Sean Lamont, the honorary King of Dieux du Stade, & Thom Evans, the current de-facto King of DDS. I could just imagine 2/3 of the spectators would either be married bisexuals or straight-acting closet cases. I bet most of them will be sporting persistent hard-ons beneath their bulky coats. Thank God for the approaching winter. It would be too embarassing if Junior notices the strange bulge of Papa.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Rick Flair knocked out Hulk Hogan in their bout in Australia recently, but at least, Hulk pulled down Rick's shorts & exposed his butt.

Rick Flair's Wikipedia.

KINK GOD OF FOOTBALL: Stefan Postma of AGOVV Apeldoorn

His name is already enshrined in Sports History, the former Arsenal goalkepeer will always be remembered as the first bottom of professional football. And he sure knows the best technique to enjoy the myriad pleasures of bottoming- jack your cock while your ass is being pumped, the electricity is maximal that way. An asshole really won't know the difference- what is jackhammering it may be a giant strap-on, or it could be a giant cock. So you see, gayness is not an issue in all things anal. Ergo, when a colleague feels the itch desperately and there is no chick around but Postma is in the showers, they are not gay (WINK) if they would help each other out. Call it practicality (ANOTHER WINK). Hmmm. I wonder if his teammates make a beeline to unload on Postma's goal every now & then. I bet Postma won't ever defend his goal, a gangbang would definitely bring maximal pleasure, just what a horny Dutch asshole needs.
Here's the video
Hoi, Stefan, liet die complete video zien, iedereen moet de beste gevideod ontknucht ter wereld te waarderen. Nou ik hou inderdaad van die Nederlanders, ze houden echt van frontaal geheel naakt te poseren, soms ze houden echt van kink seks te tonen. Wat is er volgende ze doen? Hardcore gay seks tussen beroemde heteroseksueel atleten? Postma bottom, Huntelaar top? Opschieten, ik moet dat kijken!

His Wikipedia page

Sunday, November 22, 2009

GODS OF SWIMMING: Club Natacion Ferca San Jose Calendar 2010 of Spain

Let's help these dudes. They are actually all very sexy, and I just pity them wobbling in marketing their calendar. They have no proper marketing outlet, you can buy them in Ebay- ridiculous but true- or write their club. They had their first calendar in 2008, no noise last year, but they resurfaced again just recently with a very sexy calendar, and just as sexy making-of video- with bits of Spanish dicks if you're fast.(Ola, coño, donde estan las partes cortadas? Yo quiero ver todas las vergas! Intiendes?)

I confess, I like watching Rugby hunks but the guys I do have sex with are usually leaner (but still hunkily muscular of course). I love my guys straight & I have no qualms paying. These swimmers actually have my favorite body type. Anyone of them can hang out in my bed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GODS OF SUPERBIKE: Leon Haslam of Great Britain

The dreary weather notwithstanding, the British found a way to make their lives really very interesting. When it gets foggy, they curl up in their cold flats & stare at photos of nude sportsmen.

His website:

GODS OF BOXING: David Haye of Great Britain

Now, this is the World Heavyweight Boxing champion, but thankfully, he wasn't born in America or he'll be permanently wearing long boxing shorts. I have this feeling had they asked him to go all out, he would have gladly done it.

Read more about his feats:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: Review

In a way, Dieux du Stade 2010 just repeated the stupidity of Gods of Football 2009, though in a less toxic manner. In GOF, the publicity photos & the calendar showed genital bits of Courtney Johns, Sandor Earl, Michael Osborne & the now-famous David Williams. However, in the DVD itself, not even a shadow of a sex organ was seen. On the other hand, the DDS calendar showed partial-frontal of 8 dicks; in the DVD, one was added (Bouzakri), but except for Thom Evans, the other calendar dicks disappeared. The calendar, which can be placed just about anywhere & could be gawked upon by just anybody, was considered as a less "harmful" vehicle for explicit exhibitionism than a DVD, which still needs to be viewed in the privacy of one's entertainment area. There is a remarkable toning down of raunch post-2007 because there was a fear that a part of the crowd could be turned off. If that's the fear, why increase the raunch factor of calendars, which are visible in more areas & liable to seen by more people, but disappoint the patrons who bought the DVD & were expecting to see more of the the 8 exhibitionists from the calendar in the privacy of their rooms? Il me semble une decision imbecile. The only saving factor for DDS 2010 was that Thom Evans was really sexy. Thankfully, just for him, the DVD was worth buying. If the balding Julien Arias showed his wares instead, I would be lambasting it now to smithereens.

I don't know if even a semblance of intelligent market research is being done here- can't they feel the indifference building up in the past two years borne out of the steady diet of disappoinments being served as they drastically cut down on the DVD raunch? The patron was taken to heaven one time, then expected him to get rigid in the cold all of a sudden- have somebody told them about the "been there, done that" syndrome? They don't stay in the cold, they would try other thrills. GOF was released when the market has turned its attention somewhere else, look at how it bombed.

A major error for DDS 2010 was the choice of Tony Duran as the photographer. This one came from a different planet. I don't know if Duran even did some research beforehand: airbrushed photographs are out-of-place in nude sports photography! Look at how feminine the photos of Thom & Max Evans in the photo above. I have a feeling Duran is a creation of the patronage of his fellow-Latino, Jennifer Lopez, & as the latter surges on to the heights of obscurity, so will Duran shortly. Not even DDS 2010 can save him, in fact, it captured down his innocence outside of Jlos's ambit. Airbrushing an already black-&-white photograph of a macho Rugby player to make him look like a faggy model is a big letdown. What was the idiot thinking? (If he wants his upcoming coffee book to succeed, he knows what to avoid).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: Benoit Bouzekri, Cyril Vescan, Jonathan Lemaire

I guess, it's clear by now, Thom Evans is the star of the 2010 DVD. (Even the photographer, Tony Duran, in a recent interview published in Bello Magazine, admitted he can still smell the cologne of Thom up to now. I just wish he has more images of Tom's dick in store for us in his coffee table book soon to be released on April, 2010. )
The other star is Benoit Bezoukri. Here's the video (you must buy the DVD. I know, it's not DSS 2007 but it's a far improvement from the last two. Let's help the genre. I guess they just arrested its demise but it's still in the recovery room. I'll publish my review soon, I'll be frank on where I think they missed.)
Thom Evans is far better in the DVD than in the ripped clip circulating in the Web. You should watch him in a really big screen. You could almost smell his natural cologne- or whatever they call the musky smell emanating from a sweaty dick of a rugby player

Monday, November 2, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: David Strettle of the Harlequins

Yes, you read it right- DDS 2011!
Better early than late.
Actually, the next Sean Lamont is just waiting to be called. Just like Sean, David is a product of the well-known naked rugby player factory, SHU. It deliciously means, he's carrying the tradition in his veins- no qualms about nudity at all, perfectly willing to do the full-monty for the sake of the team.

Here's what he did for UK's Cosmopolitan (with teammates Will Skinner, Jordan Turner-Hall and Gonzalo Tiesi ). Pretty tame, but I bet he's just waiting to surprise us next year.

making-of video:

GODS OF DISCUSTHROW: Lars Riedel of Germany

A blast from the past.
A video: