Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GODS OF FOOTBALL 2010: David Williams Almost Full-Frontal

Imagine David Williams without the wet briefs covering his private parts in the shower. Imagine the photographer not cutting from our view the really important things. Imagine it as part of the upcoming Gods of Football 2010:

This blog was supposed to be temporary, just to pass the numbing boredom of a rainy vacation. Little did we imagine that it would be a hit somewhat- yeah, modesty aside, it is, & even through the two months where we found no time to attend to it, there was a constant stream of readers returning & returning & returning... We couldn't let them down, we couldn't stop after all.

Some must have been wondering when they google something about Sport nudity & voila- this blog is suddenly up there as one of the most-visited links. In its first month, it was up there jostling already when you google Gods of Football or when you wish to search for David Williams' cock. And in 4 months, I don't know if there's any other Sport Nudity blog that can be as regularly googled in the top ranks like our blog .

I credit one athlete for that "success". The nude photo featuring the upper 2/3 of his penis was downloaded 200,000 times in 3 months. Just to celebrate our fourth month, we're featuring his portion in the Gods of Football DVD. I hope the GOF top brass will use their head, that it's not an infringement of their copyright, I'm doing a service to them. In the middle of the revival of the Dieux du Stade franchise, I'm shouting to the world, soon, the GOF will have its own revival, just wait when David Williams throws away the wet briefs & show it all out.

NOTE: We have no intention to put ads in this blog, we directly recommend the products ourselves without incentives from the producers. All we want is a revival again of interest in our favorite genre- let's go beyond the standards set by Dieux du Stade 2007 (which Dieux du Stade 2010 seemed to have done) & that producers shouldn't be stupid enough to pander to retrogressive demands.

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  1. I think this is a great site! You're absolutely correct that it IS all about the DICK! Obviously when one looks at all of the Brazilian male nudity of celebrities in public print, makes one feel that the US and other Northern cultures are a bit up-tight about the bulging penis in their faces. You have fabulous pics, blogs, variety-- I don't know where you get it all, but I'm grateful. I also like the title of "...Straight Men." I guess it's not FOR straight guys, but ABOUT straight guys (seemingly anyway). I love your "handle" of "Dick of all Dicks." Does that mean you have the ultimate penis, or that you ARE the biggest dick around? Any way to get the Gods of Football 2010 calendar here in the US? or the DVD? I'm so impressed with the video you've provided us-- nudity and male beauty! Is it from the 2010 DVD? Thanks for your site, and I hope you're able to keep it going!

  2. At least David Williams a true good looking Aussie is not showing “Down there”; including full frontal naked his penis and balls. Even is somehow artistic and not of bad taste. Thom Evans later and Sean Lamont before, both Scottish rugby players, were totally naked; the difference maybe that diieux du Stade is 100% pornographic. Evans was playing with his penis; obviously the target was the gay community and not heterosexual people. Like is this case