Monday, September 14, 2009

IMPROBABLE GODS OF BOXING: Ricky Hatton of Great Britain

Most probably, as I write this, is stocking on its inventory of Dieux du Stade 2010. I still can't shake off tinges of depression- Yeah, I had been having a bad bout of Hyper-expectation lately & seeing the DDS 2010 cover come-out recently has brought me down rather heavily back to earth. I've been gnawing off my fingers eagerly waiting that the redemption will soon arrive & that I wasn't wrong expecting too much after all- and that this time, the genre will be alive again after that long hiatus from 2007.

Well, so as not to expect too much again, I decided to scour my collection of inappropriate Sport Nudity- you know, some photographers are so lazy that they approach practically anybody to disrobe, thinking perhaps that all the genre afficionados are hicks that they will lap up just about any sucker foolish enough to show parts of their anatomy best left uncovered. Icky, pitiful, laughable? We're supposed to be thankful they were game- but why should we be made guilty by tasteless photographers & publishers?

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