Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GODS OF BASKETBALL: Simon Kerle formerly of the Australian National Basketball League

In America, the dye-haired, trash-talking basketball superstar Dennis Rodman was baring his cock for all those who wanna see; in Australia, the dye-haired, trash-talking Brisbane Bullets basketball star Simon Kerle was baring his all in a gay magazine spead for all those who wanna ogle. 2003 was not so long ago. While I am sure I will never feature Dennis Rodman in this blog, I am presenting Simon Kerle here in what I think is one of the best sport nude photoshoots ever. The Europeans are still smitten by their black-&-white photography (allegedly classical- but do I hear somebody heckle "outdated" somewhere? Seeing the recent black-and-white cover of the soon-to-be-released Dieux du Stade 2010 makes me wanna yawn) while the Australians are steam ahead in their color photography as shown by the recent stream of photographs coming friom the Gods of Football 2009 creative team (after some false tries with black-and-white in the earlier editions). The Aussies should take their inspiration from these Kerle photographs. And the Aussie Rugby players should take their cue from Simon Kerle himself- they should do a Kerle if ever they hope to hit it big this time around with Gods of Football 2010.

After retirement he's busy in the business of promoting health & fitness:
Or you could hire him as your physical trainer (I wonder if he works naked) :
His Twitter:
Here's how he sells himself in his new career as Your Personal Trainer:
Simon Kerle has had a long and industrious career in the business of elite sport.
Simon first developed a passion for fitness during his professional basketball career, and as a leading NBL player was widely regarded as one of the fittest athletes in Australia. His career consisted of the following achievements.
National Basketball League: An 18 year, 381 game career saw Simon play for the Brisbane, Townsville, South Melbourne and Geelong NBL clubs, captaining his hometown Brisbane Bullets in 2002 & 2003.
Italian Professional League: Simon was recruited to the European League as an imported player in 2001 and played for Club Messina, Sicily.
US College Basketball: Simon attended Western Nebraska University and was a member of their basketball program in 1989-90.
By using the team building and communication skills developed playing professionally, he is able to effectively motivate his clients to reach their full fitness potential.
Simon has many years of experience with a wide variety of training methods and he holds the following qualifications.
College of Health & Fitness Certificate III and IV in fitness – qualified personal trainer & gym instructor.
Fitness Australia Registration # FQ6410/2006
St John’s AmbulanceLevel II Senior First Aid Certificate
He should have put his BLUE Magazine full-frontal nude spread as part of his achievements! That was history in the making.
Calling all Brisbane fitness buffs. Try our guy then please email me if he works naked or what. Does he pose for souvenir shots in the shower? Can the trainee touch?


  1. Hi
    My girlfriend told me about your article on the website just wanted to say thank you for your kind words it's a funny article and enjoyed reading .Sorry to say I do not train people naked but if I can ever assist you in an interview in the future please feel free to call, my number is on my website
    Good luck with everything in your life take care and have a great Christmas

    Warmest regards Simon Kerle

  2. Ok, Thanks for the kind words. Tell your girlfriend to tell her friends to read the blog. Have a great Christmas too.