Saturday, September 19, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: I think It Is Okey... Just Ignore The Black-&-White Photography!

(most of the pics were from the DDSpictures)

Okay, it turned out I wasn't wrong in overexpecting- this one seems to actually have delivered. The wrong choice of cover- & that damned Black-&-White- nearly sent me to fits of depression but I think I can safely say now- I was wrong. This one, in the calendar alone, has responded to our cry_ IT'S THE DICKS, STUPID!- & lo, they aren't stupid this time around. I think they read our post on Frontal Nudity 101 (See May 2009
here), they even have a WET BRIEF frontal- I couldn't find one before with an athlete in wet white briefs so I used model Tyler Kenyon. 8 athletes showed something in the calendar- what more will they show in the DVD? I can't wait!

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