Sunday, September 20, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: The Case Against Black-&_White in Nude Sport Photography

When the first nude male German athlete was photographed in the 1930's, color photography wasn't invented yet. However, black-and-white became the accepted look of Greek-inspired nude Sport photography since then. It's supposed to be the Art, popularized later by notable photographers like Herb Ritts, etc. But should it always be the accepted look in these days of high-megapixel color photography? That supposedly classic look was just the high-quality photography of the time it was taken; for lack of alternative, it was the accepted look. Even if you examine the ancient sculptures of nude Greek athletes which inspired the genre, the attention to detail & the definition of the muscles & physical features were just unbelievable.The definition & detail can never be guaranteeed by a B&W camera. They are captured in all clarity by any high-megapixel digital camera.

Making the image colored doesn't make it less of an Art. It just assures that the original intents of the Ancient Greeks regarding nude athlete appreciation can be best guaranteed. If the producers are only insecure on their moral footing so they resort to exaggerated artistic pretensions, I think that alibi of doing it for charity is enough moral band-aid. There's really no need to look for any other more elaborate excuse to appreciate Sport Erotica. We should have grown 10 years after the first French Rugby player shed off his clothes for the camera in 2001.

Test: see if you can see any vein in the penis of Ollie Barkley? It sure is very well-defined & detailed in David Williams' schlong!

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