Monday, August 24, 2009

Gods of Cycling: Lance Armstrong of the US , 3rd Place, Tour de France 2009

Well, he's been a champion of the Tour de France for 7 consecutive years in a row, but no matter if he dropped to third place behind Spain's Alberto Contador in the recent 2009 Tour, Armstrong has an edge over the present champion- he has a nude photo, taken no less by the nearly bankrupt Annie Leivobitz in 1999.

Lance can be of greater service. The British always have their Testicular Cancer Awareness programs where they feature naked British athletes who never had testicular cancer. Lance did & survived. He is the best poster model to highlight this program- he can be naked again, totally this time, to show the world that Cancer can be vanquished, that the testicles are as desirable as ever. In addition, he can be a poster model for "victorious" aging, because at 37, he's still delectable.

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