Friday, August 28, 2009

GODS OF SWIMMING: Paul Biddermann of Germany

The big news in the recent Rome swimming meet was the loss of American Michael Phelps in the 200-meter freestyle event to the German bet Paul Biedermann. There's a bigger news: Paul is actually a 6'4" Adonis & is far, far better to look at than Phelps will ever be. No nude photos yet but the wet suit will do for the time being.
Watch his feat at Rome:
Read his website:
More info:

GODS OF DECATHLON: Pelle Rietveld of the Netherlands

Of course, this one looks perfectly hot- but I heard he's married & is a father, so his sex appeal may just shoot up to high heavens. A man is hot because he's a man, not only because he looks like a man. He's now training in the US. The nude photographers should start gearing up & snap him away out of those undies. I know Dutch athletes have no qualms sharing their secret places to the world. I just love the Dutch, really.
If you want more of his pictures, he has a Flickr account:
His own webpage:
His Twitter:

GODS OF MOTOGP: Randy de Puniet of France

MotoGP is my favorite sport, & as a bonus, it actually boasts of one of the more satisfying line-up of lookers. Lamentably, the perrenial splashing on the Sport pages of the Pinocchio-face of the primary figure in the sport, the Italian Valentino Rossi, has overshadowed the depth of male pulchritude around the circuit. Never has a MotoGP racer been invited to pose nude before the camera before. That didn't deter an amateur photographer from snatching an opportunity when it comes. Look at the first MotoGP Sporno below.

Gods of Tennis: NOVAK DJOKOVIC of Serbia

Actually, the Number 4 tennis player in the world has already declared he'll go naked if ever he wins the Wimbledon. Jokingly perhaps but I think he'll do it anyway if he goes on to win the title- after his recent teeny-weeny brief stunt (a major improvement from the boxer shorts he wore in Montreal last time), all he needs now is just a little tugging & he'll surely go all the way. But he should win the Wimbledon crown first. Anybody care to disable the Top 3 before the tournament next year?

Monday, August 24, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010... Finally

We're alive again... the wait is almost over, the calendar will come out on the 2nd week of September.

The cover boy is James Haskell. If you remember, this one already appeared naked on a spread for the British Cosmo magazine together with three other English Rugby players, among them, Simon Shaw, who appears with him again this time around in the DDS 2010 edition. So, we've seen these guys naked before- it only means we have to see more of them or else the whole shebang would be another dud. Plus they have a British reputation to protect here- all British guys before them have no qualms flinging their stuffs around. Remember the king of DDS Sean Lamont?

Gods of Cycling: Lance Armstrong of the US , 3rd Place, Tour de France 2009

Well, he's been a champion of the Tour de France for 7 consecutive years in a row, but no matter if he dropped to third place behind Spain's Alberto Contador in the recent 2009 Tour, Armstrong has an edge over the present champion- he has a nude photo, taken no less by the nearly bankrupt Annie Leivobitz in 1999.

Lance can be of greater service. The British always have their Testicular Cancer Awareness programs where they feature naked British athletes who never had testicular cancer. Lance did & survived. He is the best poster model to highlight this program- he can be naked again, totally this time, to show the world that Cancer can be vanquished, that the testicles are as desirable as ever. In addition, he can be a poster model for "victorious" aging, because at 37, he's still delectable.